Project: Create a Pepperminty Christmas Display

What you need:

white chipboard, cardstock or any other durable paper
circular objects to use for the pattern
red craft paint
paint brush
clear crystal glitter
spray adhesive
small wooden dowels or skewers
kitchen shears or a craft knife
clear tape
hot glue gun and glue sticks
candy-striped wire ribbon

Step 1:

Trace around various sizes of cups and other circular objects onto durable paper and clip out the pattern.

Step 2:

Use a pencil to sketch out concentric circles and swirly designs onto the paper patterns. Color in the patterns with the red paint to simulate a peppermint appearance.

Step 3:

Allow the paint to dry and then spray the entire surface with the spray adhesive. Dust on the crystal glitter to cover the enitre surface and allow to dry.

Step 4:

Crop the wooden dowels or skewers to assorted sizes with the kitchen shears and fasten with hot glue or tape to the underside of each circle. Find a decorative vase and fill it with the candy decorations, adorn it with the candy-strip ribbon and turn it into a creative centerpiece!

Project courtesy of HGTV
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