Project: Dark Chocolate Christmas Topiary

What you need:

6-7 inch fluted ceramic planter in an off white shade
spray paint-krylon fushion raspberry red
acrylic paint-light red
1-inch craft paint brush
clear acrylic sealant spray in a matte finish
plastic-foam rectangle
16-inch plastic-foam cone
spray paint-dark brown
4-inch length of 3/4-inch diameter wooden dowel
4 pounds, in the size of a quarter, chocolate disk candy with nonpareil sprinkles
hot glue gun and glue sticks
1 yard or 2-inch wide of chocolate brown ribbon that is wire-edged

Step 1:

Spray the ceramic planter with the raspberry red paint and allow to dry. Repeat with a second coat. If you would like to create a striped effect, use the light red paint to brush stripes along the creases of the planter. Allow to dry and then apply a coat of the clear acrylic sealant spray.

Step 2:

Cut the plastic foam rectangle to size to fit snug in the planter and make sure that it is flat and level at the top.

Step 3:

Spray the plastic-foam cone with the dark brown paint, apply as many coats as needed, allow to dry.

Step 4:

Insert the wooden dowel halfway through the middle of the plastic-foam cone. Insert the bottom side of the dowel into the plastic foam that is in the planter so that the cones touch.

Step 5:

Starting at the top of the foam cone, hot glue the larger chocolate disk candy all around, covering the entire surface of the cone in a single layer.

Step 6:

Apply a second layer of the larger sized chocolate disk candies with hot glue filling in all the gaps. Use half the amount as the first layer, but use enough to create a nice shape.

Step 7:

To add contrast, apply the smaller sized chocolate disk candies with the flat sides out with the hot glue invariably around the perimeter of the tree. Tie the ribbon around the planter to finish the look.

Project courtesty of BHG

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