How To Decorate With Paperwhites

Paperwhite Preparation

What you will need:
* Black spray paint (for plastic)
* 12-inch diameter plastic garden pot
* Potting soil
* 3 (6-inch) pots of Paperwhites
* Snowflake stencil (purchase one at Michael's or design your own)
* Thick, silver acrylic craft paint
* 1 bag of fluffy, flaky faux snow
* Spray adhesive
* 2 bags of faux ice
* Newspaper
* Tape
* Sponge
* Ornaments

Painting Paperwhites

Step 1: Spray paint the pot and apply a second coat if needed. Be sure to lay newsprint out to protect your flooring.
Snowflake Stenciling

Step 2: Tape the snowflake stencil to the pot and dab on the silver acrylic paint with a sponge. Remove the stencil and the tape very carefully being sure not to pull off any of the paint.
Faux Snow

Step 3: Pile the faux snow onto your worksurface. To protect your pot from getting adhesive all over it, wrap it with newspaper just under the rim. Spray the rim with the adhesive and then roll the rim into the snow until it is well covered.
Plant Paperwhites

Step 4: Fill your pot two-thirds full with the potting soil being careful not to spill. Add the Paperwhites to the pot and cover with extra potting soil to fill in the gaps. Be sure to water to ensure the plants roots will get settled into their new home. Add the faux ice on top and then the decorative ornaments around the base to finish the effect.

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