Project: How to Create Ornament Pomanders

What you need:

Christmas ball ornaments in various sizes and colors
foam sphere
sheer ribbon, twine or fishing line (if you would like to suspend this decoration from the ceiling)
laurel leaves on branches (dried or silk)
garden shears
hot glue gun and glue sticks
spray paint (pick a color that will be in harmony with the ornaments)
large candlestand (if you would like to create a centerpiece on a table)
antique gold spray paint

Step 1:

Spray the foam sphere with the spray paint that has been chosen to coordinate with the ornaments. If you are copying the demonstration picture above, a paint color in silver, copper, gold or cream would be a great match. Be sure to allow the paint to dry.

Step 2:

Both sides of the laurel leaves will need to be well sprayed with the antique gold paint and set aside to dry.

Step 3:

If the ornaments are to be suspended, one end of a long piece of sheer ribbon will need to be attached to the center of the foam sphere.

Step 4:

Affix the large ornaments to the foam sphere first with the hot glue, attaching the small ornaments in the gaps.


Snip the ends of the branches so that the leaves can tuck into gaps around the cluster of ornaments. Permanently affix the leaves with the hot glue. The finished look can either be displayed on the large candlestands or strung from the ceiling with ribbon, twine or fishing line if you want to create a floating look.

Project courtesy of HGTV

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