Project: Dark Chocolate Christmas Topiary

What you need:

6-7 inch fluted ceramic planter in an off white shade
spray paint-krylon fushion raspberry red
acrylic paint-light red
1-inch craft paint brush
clear acrylic sealant spray in a matte finish
plastic-foam rectangle
16-inch plastic-foam cone
spray paint-dark brown
4-inch length of 3/4-inch diameter wooden dowel
4 pounds, in the size of a quarter, chocolate disk candy with nonpareil sprinkles
hot glue gun and glue sticks
1 yard or 2-inch wide of chocolate brown ribbon that is wire-edged

Step 1:

Spray the ceramic planter with the raspberry red paint and allow to dry. Repeat with a second coat. If you would like to create a striped effect, use the light red paint to brush stripes along the creases of the planter. Allow to dry and then apply a coat of the clear acrylic sealant spray.

Step 2:

Cut the plastic foam rectangle to size to fit snug in the planter and make sure that it is flat and level at the top.

Step 3:

Spray the plastic-foam cone with the dark brown paint, apply as many coats as needed, allow to dry.

Step 4:

Insert the wooden dowel halfway through the middle of the plastic-foam cone. Insert the bottom side of the dowel into the plastic foam that is in the planter so that the cones touch.

Step 5:

Starting at the top of the foam cone, hot glue the larger chocolate disk candy all around, covering the entire surface of the cone in a single layer.

Step 6:

Apply a second layer of the larger sized chocolate disk candies with hot glue filling in all the gaps. Use half the amount as the first layer, but use enough to create a nice shape.

Step 7:

To add contrast, apply the smaller sized chocolate disk candies with the flat sides out with the hot glue invariably around the perimeter of the tree. Tie the ribbon around the planter to finish the look.

Project courtesty of BHG

Project: Create a Pepperminty Christmas Display

What you need:

white chipboard, cardstock or any other durable paper
circular objects to use for the pattern
red craft paint
paint brush
clear crystal glitter
spray adhesive
small wooden dowels or skewers
kitchen shears or a craft knife
clear tape
hot glue gun and glue sticks
candy-striped wire ribbon

Step 1:

Trace around various sizes of cups and other circular objects onto durable paper and clip out the pattern.

Step 2:

Use a pencil to sketch out concentric circles and swirly designs onto the paper patterns. Color in the patterns with the red paint to simulate a peppermint appearance.

Step 3:

Allow the paint to dry and then spray the entire surface with the spray adhesive. Dust on the crystal glitter to cover the enitre surface and allow to dry.

Step 4:

Crop the wooden dowels or skewers to assorted sizes with the kitchen shears and fasten with hot glue or tape to the underside of each circle. Find a decorative vase and fill it with the candy decorations, adorn it with the candy-strip ribbon and turn it into a creative centerpiece!

Project courtesy of HGTV

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Project: How to Create a Festive Christmas Wreath

What you need:

foam wreath form
loopy silver tinsel garland
green matte and shiny shatterproof balls
red matte and shiny shatterproof balls
polka-dot grosgrain ribbon
wire snippers
hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1:

Securely fasten the tinsel garland around the foam wreath until it has been completely wrapped. Use the hot glue gun to fasten the ends of the garland to the back of the wreath.

Step 2:

Fasten the polka-dot ribbon around the wreath ensuring that some of the silver tinsel shows through. To ensure that the ribbon does not move, hot glue it as it is being wrapped.

Step 3:

Take off the metal caps from the ornaments, if they have been permanently glue on, cut off the top metal loop. Hot glue the ornaments to the wreath with the top sides facing downwards, alternating between varying colors and from matte to shiny.

Project courtesy of HGTV

Project: How to Create Christmas Sea Glass Ornaments

What you need:

clear shatterproof Christmas glass balls
sea glass or glass gems
clear silicone adhesive
glitter spray
tile nippers

Step 1:

Fasten the sea glass to the ornaments with the silicone adhesive. Attach in segments to allow each area to dry before moving on to the next.

Step 2:

Affix the sea glass all the way around the outer perimeter of the glass ball and use the tile nippers to crop the sea glass to fill in any small spaces.

Step 3:

Use the glitter spray as a finishing touch by lightly spritzing it around the ornament. The picture featured below is what the ornament looks like applying gem stones instead of the sea glass.

Project courtesy of HGTV

Project: How to Create Ornament Pomanders

What you need:

Christmas ball ornaments in various sizes and colors
foam sphere
sheer ribbon, twine or fishing line (if you would like to suspend this decoration from the ceiling)
laurel leaves on branches (dried or silk)
garden shears
hot glue gun and glue sticks
spray paint (pick a color that will be in harmony with the ornaments)
large candlestand (if you would like to create a centerpiece on a table)
antique gold spray paint

Step 1:

Spray the foam sphere with the spray paint that has been chosen to coordinate with the ornaments. If you are copying the demonstration picture above, a paint color in silver, copper, gold or cream would be a great match. Be sure to allow the paint to dry.

Step 2:

Both sides of the laurel leaves will need to be well sprayed with the antique gold paint and set aside to dry.

Step 3:

If the ornaments are to be suspended, one end of a long piece of sheer ribbon will need to be attached to the center of the foam sphere.

Step 4:

Affix the large ornaments to the foam sphere first with the hot glue, attaching the small ornaments in the gaps.


Snip the ends of the branches so that the leaves can tuck into gaps around the cluster of ornaments. Permanently affix the leaves with the hot glue. The finished look can either be displayed on the large candlestands or strung from the ceiling with ribbon, twine or fishing line if you want to create a floating look.

Project courtesy of HGTV

Project: Christmas Place Card Settings


patterned chipboard square
cardstock in a complimentary color
chipboard snowflake embellishment
hole punch
thin gauge wire
gold paint pen
pinking shears

Step 1:
With the use of the hole punch, create two holes on one side of the chipboard square. String the wire through the holes to form a hanger.

Step 2:
With pinking shears, cut the cardstock to form the shape of a tag and then punch a hole into the card. Using the paint pen, enscribe the guest's name on one side and a seasonal message on the other.

Step 3:
Glue the snowflake onto the square, then attach the guest name tag with ribbon. Set each of the ornaments down in front of each guest's table setting.

Project courtesy of HGTV

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Stacking cake plates on top of each other and adorning them with fresh evergreens, glass balls, pinecones, and red berries creates an eleglant and natural centerpiece.

Fill a silver bowl with shining beads, a pillar candle and several medium-sized glass balls.

This would be a great accent to an entryway with a very classic theme of red, white and black embellished ornaments. Set them into a glass urn or on top of glass candlesticks.

This bowl has a unique touch using red, white and green Christmas tree lights grouped into clusters mixed with ornaments to decorate a bowl.

A beautiful bowl filled with beaded garland as a base mixed with various sizes and textures of red ornaments creates a dramatic look.

This stunning arrangement was created out of a foam block to keep the flowers fresh. The arrangement was layed over top with some rectangular glass votives and twigs to add dimension and texture.

Add some decorative candles on a platter with some peppermint candies, pinecones, colorful ornaments and garnish with some fresh sprigs of greenery.

This is a really unique centerpiece idea using candy canes of the base or a red rose floral arrangement.

This is a wonderful twist on your regular floral arrangment, this holiday floral has red and white striped peppermint candies adorning the glass vase.

Images courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

How To Decorate With Paperwhites

Paperwhite Preparation

What you will need:
* Black spray paint (for plastic)
* 12-inch diameter plastic garden pot
* Potting soil
* 3 (6-inch) pots of Paperwhites
* Snowflake stencil (purchase one at Michael's or design your own)
* Thick, silver acrylic craft paint
* 1 bag of fluffy, flaky faux snow
* Spray adhesive
* 2 bags of faux ice
* Newspaper
* Tape
* Sponge
* Ornaments

Painting Paperwhites

Step 1: Spray paint the pot and apply a second coat if needed. Be sure to lay newsprint out to protect your flooring.
Snowflake Stenciling

Step 2: Tape the snowflake stencil to the pot and dab on the silver acrylic paint with a sponge. Remove the stencil and the tape very carefully being sure not to pull off any of the paint.
Faux Snow

Step 3: Pile the faux snow onto your worksurface. To protect your pot from getting adhesive all over it, wrap it with newspaper just under the rim. Spray the rim with the adhesive and then roll the rim into the snow until it is well covered.
Plant Paperwhites

Step 4: Fill your pot two-thirds full with the potting soil being careful not to spill. Add the Paperwhites to the pot and cover with extra potting soil to fill in the gaps. Be sure to water to ensure the plants roots will get settled into their new home. Add the faux ice on top and then the decorative ornaments around the base to finish the effect.

Decorating Holiday Style in Shades of Green

Decorating your home for the holidays with fresh greens never looked so beautiful. I love the green stockings and the way this room looks so cozy.

This Christmas tree looks so delightful with its green and white ornaments and all of the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree!

The thing I love most about this holiday decor is how a lot of it, with the exception of the presents and the tree can be left up all winter.

This mantle is absolutely radiant with all the fresh greenery with the mix of brown in the candles.

I am in love with paperwhites, they are so natural and fresh, I could decorate with them all over my home. I really like how this arrangement is showcased in a silver footed bowl and enhanced with elegant hues of cream, silver and white small globe ornaments.

Amaryllis flowers are so stunning to decorate with during this joyous season. I love the way they have been paired with some fresh cedar greens to add a nice touch of texture to this arrangement.

I don't know about you, but I am wanting to unwrap all of these marvelously wrapped gifts. They are so nice to look at though, you almost hate to unravel them. Lesson learned, if you wrap a bundle of gifts that have been well designed, take a picture!

Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Beach-Inspired DIY Holiday Decor

Living in a beach community affords lots of wonderful shells that can be gathered together and used to decorate your home. If you do not live by the beach you can still bring the beach to you by adding some
beach decor around your home for the holidays.

The look of this bedroom is very simple to re-create on your own with a glass hurricane from Pottery Barn. Gather together some tree branches either from nature, or for city dwellers check out CB2 for some great botanicals and some silver baubles.

This oyster shell vessel is very beautiful. If you love this look I have also seen something similar to this for entertaining as a serving bowl for oysters on Pottery Barn.


This garland running down the banister is a very unique and fresh idea! Boxwood and juniper branches have been entwined with starfish in rigging rope.


This holiday-inspired table is one of my favorites! The bursts of red and the balance of all the the centerpieces creates a wonderful setting. The hanging silver ornaments from the chandelier was a fabolous idea and the great thing about it is you can use some of these ideas as inspiration!


Starfish and clam shells look amazing in holiday wreaths, garland and Christmas trees. I love the look, so beachy and natural, I can smell the salt air!

*For more information and details on these projects, visit Coastal Living and create some of your own coastal wonders!

Glamorous Christmas Decorations

After looking at numerous holidays stockings, these were a very original find this season from Horchow.

West Elm is always a great place to shop for the modern/contemporary home. They have some really great Christmas decorating discoveries this year that I have fallen in love with, this is one of them.

I think these are the most beautiful glass tealight holders. I stumbled upon this site, they have some very interesting products worth checking out, The Blissful.

These vintage glass ornaments from Restoration Hardware are so stunningly beautiful!

Viva Terra is one of my most favorite places to find eco-friendly home decor. They have the most amazing products and they look beautiful as well!

Blown glass ornaments on a Christmas tree are absolutely dazzling, especially this one from The Purple Peacock Gallery. I have an enormous love for all things hand blown glass. If you ever get a chance to travel to Jerome, Arizona, take a stop in Pura Vida Gallery, they do not have much of a website, but their store is an Interior Designer's dream!


These are some very unique holiday ornaments and a hot trend this year! These feather ornaments can be found at one of my favorite new finds, Jayson Home & Garden.

One of my favorite eco-friendly holiday decor items, this would make a unique tree topper, or would look fabulous as part of your fireplace mantle arrangement. This angel is made from recycled oil drums found at Viva Terra.

Adding beach-inspired ornaments to your tree can be a really fun touch, I love the look! You can find this ornament and much more at Seaside Inspired, a beautiful shop to turn your home right into a page from Coastal Living Magazine!

Decorating your tree with glittery garland and antiqued bobbles can create a really beautiful and shimmering textural effect. Jayson Home & Garden has some very unique finds, enjoy!

Cozy Christmas Interiors

This living room space exudes warmth and looks so beautiful for the holdiays--Traditional Home

Decorating with vintage ornaments in colorful hues, a very traditional Christmas--Country Home


The mantle is decorated very earthy and looks so inviting with the roaring fire!--Elle Decor


The main focal point on this mantel is the shell-shaped vessel filled with pears--Bergner and Johnson Interior Design

The swag is made up of burlap and raffia bows mixed with layers of magnolia, boxwood and cypress to create a very textural look to this warm and cozy fireplace--Betty Burgess Design


This home is decorated with wreaths and a Christmas tree mixed with shells and starfish and brightly colored ornaments for this beachy house--Coastal Living


This traditional holiday design of woodsy greenery and berries mixed with pinecones and white blooms creates a very nature-inspired theme--Randy McManus Designs Inc.

Adding lots of metallic into a room that is all white helps to create a lot of shimmer--Coastal Living

"*Top Design Books"