Traffic Signs Transform into Art

"Transit Chair" This recycled metal chair has been hand-fabricated and is made out of re-purposed steel traffic signs, champagne corks and steel hardware. $1100

Metal designer Boris Bally from Providence, Rhode Island, demonstrates in his art forms that sustainability has no limits. His furniture are true conversation pieces for those who are collectors of art. They have a colorful, bold and dynamic "raw American street aesthetic" that can only be described as "graphic furniture art." Not only does he create furniture, he also designs home accessories, jewelry and tableware. Besides incorporating salvaged street signs into his designs, Bally also re-purposes other materials such as weapon parts and various found objects.

"Pedestal Drums" Commissioned for Neiman Marcus as table bases for indoor displays back in 2002. They were made for their Las Vegas and Coral Gables, Florida stores, these drums were built to support heavy glass. The drums are hand-fabricated out of re-purposed traffic signs and copper rivets.

"Broadway Armchair" This hand-fabricated chair is made up of re-purposed traffic signs, champagne corks and steel hardware. $2500
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