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J S Peck is my most favorite photographer due to his undenying artistic capabilities. Here is a photographer that can create a work of art with smoke and mirrors and a camera leaving Photoshop out of the equation and create a masterpiece. I first fell in love when I was on a trip to Sedona, Arizona and walked into a fine art gallery called "Exposures." This gallery is absolutely stunning, but when I layed my eyes on JS Peck's work I had to buy two, one for me and one for my client.

White Azaleas
"The wondering effects found here came from the light diffusing qualities of diluted milk."     
--JS Peck


This tulip was frozen in ice and the ending result is refractions and reflections in the photograph.

Peck achieves his unique effects using projection, distortion, and manipulations of light with prisms, mirrors, and lenses, along with ice, gels, and crystals.
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