Junk Mail gets an Artistic Makeover!

Portrait of John Lennon, 24 x 24" $2,400

The Path to Success: Who would ever believe that this beautiful work of art is actually composed of greeting cards, advertisements, postcards and junk mail? Arizona artist Sandy Schimmel Gold is the talented artisan that creates this paper-tiled mosaic that recycles what would otherwise be garbage into her designs. Her journey began on a trip to Venice, Italy where she was inspired by a stained glass mosaic displayed in front of a light box in an art gallery. Too heavy to bring home with her, she decided that she would re-create this herself. Finding too many complications in re-creating the piece, she begun cutting up various accumulated junk mail and presto, this is the story of how this brilliant artist begun.

The process that goes into these designs is quite intricate. Schimmel Gold first starts off her art work with an acrylic painting. She then takes this art a step further by pasting colorful pieces of junk mail over top of her canvas. The paint then saturates through the paper which emulates the effect of a mosaic with grout lines.

Across the Universe 40 x 40"

All American Blonde

Schimmel Gold is a huge fan of recycling as much as possible in her art work. She will rummage through garage sales to pick up recycled canvases or even canvases that have already been painted on and then she paints over top of them. To help encourage others who have an artistic flair and a love of recycling, she holds workshops to teach others how to recreate works of art out of their own junk mail! To learn more about this amazing artisan, visit her website at Sandy Schimmel Gold.

Cherry Blossom 30 x 30" $3,250. The dominant feature in this portrait is the use of metallic gold paper that was gathered from embossed holiday cards.
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